BULGARIA. Construction of a new mini-hotel. All building permits.


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BULGARIA. Construction of a new mini-hotel. All building permits.

Our company offers Greenford BulgariaEOOD join a project to build a new mini-hotel in Bulgaria. The land for the hotel is privately owned.

All the necessary documents, projects are fully prepared. Permission to start construction READY - on hands. Hotel design used in traditional Bulgarian design with all the modern necessary amenities and a mini-spa center and a heated swimming pool year-round. The hotel is designed to meet the Bulgarian national style design combines modern design with the beauty of traditional building. Located in a quiet and secure location hotel with pool and spa center provide the perfect setting for year-round recreation.

The most popular sports in the region are finding the hotel and safari hunting in the mountains near the village, fishing on a lake 2 km. from the complex. The village is located Gyulyovtsa near the famous Black sea resort of Nessebar, with its ancient architecture and well-preserved ancient churches. This is one of the oldest cities in Europe, situated on a small peninsula.

The ancient city Mesambriya evidence of the development on the site of several civilizations. Nessebar is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage by UNESCO. The airport and the city of Bourgas are only 30 minutes away. Project location (hotel) is just 10 km from the famous resort Sunny Beach, famous for both domestic and foreign tourists for its numerous attractions and beauty. The project site is located on the territory of the Operational Programme for Regional Development (OPRR) of Bulgaria, under the direction of the European Union (Part 311,312,313 - rural development and agricultural (green) tourism).

What gives? This program allows the investor to enter the hotel after the operation 70% return on investment in the form of direct payment of this amount in your account! The EU opened in 2013.

Signed a preliminary contract and the project was approved with the consulting firm of Cibola ( www.cibolabg.com ) with OPRR EU. Plans for the hotel, 3Ddizayn, photos of the land and major permits can be found on this site. Detailed technical documentation is available after signing the preliminary contract for the investment of building or buying a facility as a whole.

The amount of investment required is 268 000,00 EUR. The construction period - 12 months.

€ 286.000



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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartPayback: 12 monthBusiness competition: нет

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