Biogas plant


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Рук-ль отдела биогазовых проектов ООО СК "Партнер"

Biogas plant

We offer equity participation in the project for the introduction of biogas plants for waste with / x production (manure, manure, silage, etc.). Into biogas (methane), which in turn is converted into electricity and heat. In addition to environmental benefits, BSU allows you to close all the business needs of electric and thermal energy. Thus, reducing costs and waste management companies and energy and increase competitiveness.

Full cost of the project - 500 mln. Payback - from 2 to 5 years.

After that, investors will sell for life energy company on a contract basis (contract 30-40 years).

There is a feasibility study agreement with the major enterprises of the region, support the Ministry of agriculture of the region.

€ 1.500.000




Project type: Upgrading of operating manufactureType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: The agent, the representativePayback: 0 yearBusiness competition: Нет
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23 June 2013
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