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Hello, we propose to put your investment in our project.

A brief description of the project.

Krasnodar Region, town of Tuapse. The population of Tuapse district is 125,000 people. According to traffic police on the number of passenger cars in 2011 was about 55,000 units. Demographic situation: Tuapse Commercial Port, Tuapse Port Cargo, Bulk Terminal, Refinery, tank farms, Tuapse Ship Repair Plant, Tuapse Machine-Building Plant, Meat, Dairy, Wine and Vodka Factory. The remaining population is not working in enterprises engaged in the construction business or holiday Olympics. According to the mentality of our level of wealth   determined by the car brand, so our city is rich in automotive industry in Europe, Japan, China. To date, Car Repair Auto presented as detached garages, with outdated equipment and self-taught mechanic is not able even to use the equipment properly. Car repaired in the garage in the not intentionally cause the serviceability for the speedy return of the client (the information obtained by surgery). Nearest car centers are located in the city of Krasnodar and hot key. All car owners who have cars at a price higher than 500 000 car-care centers maintained in the city of Krasnodar, as the mechanic did not have the education and technical options for repair of these vehicles. That is, This service is not represented in our city. We have chosen the company «Robert Bosch »because

in Russia is a wide range of quality products and services in the areas of automotive diagnostic equipment and spare parts, allowing to diagnose, identify and troubleshoot all types of cars.

The company has its own three production facilities, based in Russia.

The advantages of the proposed avtotsenra.

This auto-focus will be the official representative of the company «Robert Bosch ». The equipment in the service station only company «Robert Bosch ». Service center staff will all be trained and certified by «Robert Bosch ».

Work avtotsenra clock, which will serve a maximum of clients and provide service at the European level. For those who repair cars at home will have the auto parts store delivery (the geography of our city can do this quickly and cost). Portal sink (no counterparts in the city, this type of service is represented as a hand-fasting). Line maintenance (this service is represented in the country in a single copy), and auto insurance.

The proposed car wash will look like this:

Administration Building (legkovozvodimye design): the area 1490kv.mPervyyetazh-waiting room and offices of the administration. The second floor store of spare parts and accessories.

Technical building (legkovozvodimye design: square 1490kv.m. Avtomest 30 for repair and diagnostics of automobiles, rehtovochnyh 5 beds, 5-paint seats).

  At this point we have picked up land in the area of Calarasi 3ga size of the earth. Land   liner has a centralized water, sewer,   its own electrical substation, its own boiler. on land already have structure, "Recreational" Canyon "(commissioning of 2011) to be used to pay workers' accommodation service centers (250 000rubley income per month) for the Canteen employees (income 300 000 rubles a month .) Price section 72000   000 (compared to land without buildings, without communications 1.5 hectares -30,000,000 rubles).

Negotiations with the director of vocational schools (which produces machinists), located in our city, the selection, employment and training in the firm «Robert Bosch »graduates.

Negotiations were held with a representative of the company «Robert Bosch »the official representation of car service company« Robert Bosch ».

Negotiations with the companies developers.

For such a service center in Tuapse and Tuapse district competitors do not. This allows us to take first place with anyone, not competing.

Project implementation period 6 months:

Purchase of land, construction of buildings (prefabricated structures), machinery and equipment of auto-focus, selection and training, running avtotsenra.

0pt; mso-ansi-language: RU; "> cost of the project is 150 million rubles earmarked investments listed. Payback period of 60 months.

The initiators of the project-

  Dashkovsky Sergey-32. Experience in enterprise manager - 3 years.

Saprykin Galina -64 years. Experience - 37 years. The last place of work - the deputy. Finance TCP "Atomindustriya."

Mazirka Oleg - 44 years. Experience head now - 5 years.

Yunda Svetlana - 35 years. Entrepreneur.

More detailed information can be obtained by phone. 8 988 502 92 03

  Sincerely, Svetlana Yunda.


€ 4.000.000



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 60 monthBusiness competition: нет
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