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Animation studio

Project costs:
1.A Production: Animation (900 seconds) 2 000 000
1.b radio-controlled prototype 2 million
1.B the Design Layout toys 500 000

2.A Marketing: Participation in exhibitions 200 000
2.b. Create a new web resource, under the logo of the studio 60 000

3.A Copyright Protection:
New international application for an invention (patent after 10 months abroad) - 200 000
3.b Applying for the protection of trade name toys - 50 000
3.In the Application for trade name protection for the studio - 50 000

4. Register pravorazreshitelnoy documentation, LLC - 15 000

5.Prochie costs (salaries of the project initiator) - 300 000

Total: 5 500 000 rub (131 000 EURO)


1.Cherez 6 months. (12 months after the initiation of the project) after the release of the cartoon, toys, and create the layout of radio-controlled model, signing a contract with a major TV channel to continue filming the cartoon. (200 000 EURO)

2.Cherez 9 months. (After 18 months. After the initiation of the project) for sale general license major manufacturer of toys and animation studio (10 million EURO) to use the trademark. Investor's share is redeemed for 5 million EURO.

3.Animatsionnaya studio remains in the ownership of the project initiators.

Offer the investor 40% to 60% (Burdin, AV, Stompel SI)

€ 131



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: StartThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 18 monthBusiness competition: американские студииAudience: взрослые и дети от 11 лет

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