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Affordable Housing - Citizens of Russia

Technology of production of home  "INSTALLATION

House, done on the frame technology, made from prefabricated elements. All elements of the building panel for exterior and interior walls, ceilings and roofs are manufactured entirely in optimal conditions - warm, "under the roof of " the plant.

This process saves a lot of time not only, but also guarantees an extremely high quality in the manufacture of all items. All parts of the house packed before shipping, so they are not exposed to various atmospheric influences. At stroyploschadke ready elements are collected, as a rule, "one day.

Every German manufacturer has its own little secrets and individual features of the technology of manufacturing buildings. However, all the companies we work with are members of the 'Association of German manufacturers of frame-panel buildings ", and their products are rigidly limited by various quality criteria, as a rule, considerably exceeding the norm rosiyskie.

You may want to come to Germany and we will arrange for you to visit the plant.

Next we want to show you at 11 paces principle of building frame and panel building.

Step 1: Base frame house - the tree

The material from which made a massive house-100% natural pine wood, processed, tested, sorted by hardness

Step 2: Cutting board materials

Prior to production, developing a project at home in the architectural department of the firm. With the help of a computer program ( CADWORK , SEMA, Dietrichs) produced a detailed specification of materials and their costs. Thanks to accurate shtyuklistam cut plane walls (wood-or chipboard, cement-bonded particle board, gypsum board) with plitoraskroynoy saw.

Step 3: Obrabotka beams

Applying the center Weinmann / Hundegger can make all the wooden parts of houses (supporting elements of the walls and floors, part of roof systems, etc.).The workpieces are milled, drilled, cut off at the specified program with the highest accuracy. Also, the machine marks and inscribes the beam.

Step 4: Cborka frame СБОРКА

On special desks pneumatic clamping mechanism c staff of the plant collected from the frame exactly chopped beams. (Some manufacturers ispolzayut while technically more difficult oborudavanie)

Step 5: Mounting plate material to the frame

Similarly, cut OSB-plates using a vacuum lifting device attached to the frame. The panels and boards with nails, staples or screws by using a special hand-working tool.

Step 6: Processing of wall elements

On the multi-processing bridge that travels over the carpenter's assembly table, prepared by the wall elements. Here, for example, is drilling a socket outlet, and other communications, as well as openings to Fight vyrezayutsya window and door openings, pipes and fixtures.

Step 7: Turning wall elements

The rotary table (table- "Butterfly ") is used for turning the wall elements after the assembly operations performed on one side. With the help of hydraulic lifting mechanisms working surface of the table is in the upright position and the wall element "shifted " on the other located opposite the turntable. After fixation, the wall element receiving table also omits the work surface in a horizontal position with "hydraulics ". Tables are moved in the longitudinal direction of naprvlyayuschim (rails) with electric drives. The whole procedure takes a few minutes of the coup, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the assembly process.

Step 8: Fill insulation

After the wall element inverted, the assembly process continues.In the frame are fixed according to pave and working drawings all necessary communications. Then all the space frame (except for windows, doors and other openings of technology) is filled with insulation. After filling the second side wall is sheathed with board materials similar to the first.

Step 9: Installation of windows and doors  ""

When assembled wall element on both sides, it should be sent to the site installation of windows (doors) and pre-finishing. To do this, use the device with which the walls of the elements lead from horizontal to vertical, then fixed with the help of special equipment and move on roller guides (roller table) in the wall shop. Wall transporter has similar design with a rotating table, but, in addition, equipped with a lock parts from the top (vertical position). The name "wall shop " speaks for itself, is a technology designed to accumulate finished wall elements. Finished products are in store in an upright position. On this section of wall elements are assembled windows, doors, electrical fittings part.

Step 10: Plaster walls

The shop also can produce finishes outside of the wall elements, the outer layer of insulation to fix, plaster and paint. For the inside of the exterior walls and inside (interior), we can make preliminary preparations, plaster plasterboard joints and fixing points (bracket) to the frame. The final stucco is applied to the construction site.

Step 11: Shipment of finished wall elements

When made as preparation of wall elements, the store lets you choose the correct sequence in finished goods for shipment out of the shop.

Description of the wall construction frame house

Frame of a house made of wooden beams cross-section (160-200) x 60 mm. humidity of 14-16%.Useful load bearing elements made in accordance with "SNIP - Pressures and impacts, " for residential buildings with a coefficient of reliability for the load of 1.3.

From inside the gypsum board is installed, and waterproofing film, and then filled with mineral plate frame *, at the same time in the appropriate places laid pipes for wiring, plumbing, sewage system. The outer wall is closed with gypsum board, installed metal constructions and attached rigid foam, glued to it and reinforcing mesh is applied with mineral plaster caller. The thickness of exterior walls, depending on the temperature conditions can be from 240 to 400 mm.

Internal walls have a thickness of 110 mm, wooden frame width 84 mm., With the necessary sound insulation and plasterboard lining.

Interfloor floor consists of wooden beams height 240 mm, then 60 mm. - Mineral thermal and sound insulation, 22 mm .- covering chipboard. Gypsum board fire protection, 12.5 mm. On top of the falls dry Oestrich (thin concrete slab with thermal insulation). Windows and doors and exterior shutters as installed at the factory.

Foundation slab or basement, is prepared in advance by the requirements of the manufacturer and drawings of houses. Finished parts are delivered at home at the construction site and installed "on wheels " on a prepared foundation in one day, on the second day covered by a roof.

* For a complete set of frame-panel building as a heater can be used by other insulation (eg fiberglass or basalt wool)

Material required for manufacture of single-family homes, an area of 120 m ?:

1. Lumber 21m ?

2. Reinforcing mesh (outer walls) of 150 m ?

3. Drywall (Walls) 12.5mm 400m ?

4. Foam (exterior walls) 60 mm 150 m ?

5. ADI (ceiling) 18 mm 100 m ?

6. Plasterboard (ceiling and roof) 18 -22 mm 200 m ?

7. The mineral plate (roof) 180 mm 270 m ?

8. The mineral plate (ceiling) 240 mm 150 m ?

9. The mineral slab (interior walls) 80 mm 70 m ?

10.The mineral slab (exterior walls) 160 mm 120 m ?


Fa?ade cottage offers a wide range of technologies. It should be noted that the facade is a very important part of the aesthetic of any home, it may be said to his face. And that's the look of the fa?ade will depend on the general impression, which will consist of everything the house.

Block House - wall paneling for interior and exterior finishing of the cottage, simulating round logs or shaped timber. Home from a bar, lined with block-house and stylized framework of tsilindrovannyh logs, looking both elegant and neat. Block House - the material quality, easy mounting, reduces construction costs compared to natural tsilindrovannym log.

Shtukaturka. In Germany it is the finishing fassadov razprostronenaya system. Wooden houses are best decorated lime-sand plaster, although it is also suitable for decoration of houses built of other materials. A perfect decoration for any house facades are textured stripes, made of lime-sand plaster, and imitating the corners of facades, window frames or doors. Striking and polymer plaster is applied to the surface of the facade by spraying. It creates an uneven surface of a particular color, is one of the most attractive decorative materials to the outside of houses. These plasters are produced both abroad and in our country have different prices and quality.

Thermopanel and clinker tiles. Facing front thermopanels with ceramic tiles allows good to warm the house. The basis for the panels, thermal insulation material with high heat and noise insulation properties of polystyrene foam, coated with ceramic clinker - 240h71h15mm tiles. Does not require additional insulation (the saving on heating more than 50%) and construction for installation.Easy to mount on any base, which has sufficient strength: foam concrete, expanded clay lightweight concrete, brick, stucco, and, without wet processes. Panel of ceramic tiles attach to the walls of the cottage form a perfect brick. Clinker has high brand strength (up to M800), and low water absorption (2-3%), frost - more than 300 freeze-thaw cycles, does not change color over time.

Mounting frame house

All parts of buildings are designed to be transported by standard vehicles. One house - it 2-3 trucks. Mounted a house with wheels on a prepared foundation in one day, on the second day covered by a roof.


Problems that interfere with Russia to organize their own large-scale production of frame-panel wooden houses, quite a lot.

One of the main limiting factor is the significant financial risks in such a project. The largest European manufacturers of equipment for the manufacture of wooden frame-panel buildings offer a line of medium and large capacity, requiring significant amounts of investment.

Lack of experience in this kind of production and competent professionals imposes additional risks for the organization of production of frame-panel wooden houses. Another deterrent is certainly a lack of awareness of domestic investors and manufacturers of frame-panel wooden domax, about technology, its features and options, the prospects of this product, potential markets for finished products.

Our vision is that we start not from the original equipment manufacturer (dozens of them), and the manufacturer houses. We are deeply convinced that only the experts who created homes for many years on frame technology and improved along with it for several generations, not only know how to do at home, but must be designed and skomplektovan plant. Our long-term cooperation with many German manufacturers odnozachno convinced us that.

Our Company does not provide equipment without technology

That is why, jointly with German partners, a draft plant to produce ready-frame-panel wooden houses optimum performance (100-150 homes per year), including the supply of technology, specifically adapted to Russian conditions. The main objective of the project was not only the transfer of technology and guaranteeing quality control, and reduction of the required investment and optimize investments, so that the payback period does not exceed 3 years.

In developing this product, as has been stated above, we proceeded from the experience of the manufacturer of houses, ie, in contrast to the original equipment manufacturer, we do not offer you the "cool " and expensive equipment that you basically do not need (to the same to work on it requires experts with years of experience). We considered 30 years of experience of our partners and staff who are well aware, in practice, different hardware and operating system. Therefore, we will not offer you the machine for 100,000 euros when you can buy two more simple machines to 20,000, which will perform the same function, and often even faster.

We will not advise you to purchase equipment with a capacity of 1,000 homes per year (only because we want to sell more machines), because we know that the first few years you can not because of lack of experience and skill of personnel working out though, would be half the planned capacity. Therefore, we developed a frame-panel factory of wooden houses optimum performance for 100-150 houses per year.

1. Distinctive features of the product.

  • The product is aimed at the consumer District, which aims to address local housing problems of its own small area.
  • Or, the product can be directed to the production of commercial and social facilities (recreation centers, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals)
  • The product includes the supply of technology full-production houses.
  • Part of the equipment of the plant, is relatively simple and, thus, a high metal content, can be produced in the country of the Purchaser.
  • Ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of the equipment;
  • The flexible layout of the production line, which allows time to build capacity
  • Ensuring optimal use koeffitsienta raw materials and components

We would be very interested to hear your views on our vision and we look forward to dveritelnoe attitude. Write to us!

What is included in our project?  ""

1. Plant design;

2. Complete machining (primary) and manual (auxiliary) equipment ;

3. Software;

4. Delivery of the equipment in Russia (Moscow / St Petersburg .-) DDU

5. Installation supervision;

6. Commissioning and startup of equipment;

7. Training plant personnel and installers;

8. Complete logistics (supply of spare parts - about 50 positions, including

essential structural elements of German production);

9. Hardware warranty for 1 year.

Upon request, we can set up industrial building "turnkey".

Special condition of mutual guarantees of long-term cooperation is the license agreement , up to 10 years. Under a licensing agreement with manufacturer of German homes over 30 years of manufacturing experience provides the following services:

  • Passing the brand of the manufacturer for a stated period;
  • Control of the complete production cycle;
  • Quality control;
  • The introduction of uninterrupted production cycle;
  • Transfer documentation to house from a catalog;
  • German experts consulted.  ""
€ 5.000.000




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Business ideaThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 48 monthBusiness competition: НЕБОЛЬШАЯAudience: ВСЕ

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