Advertising Service System "SCREEN-SYSTEM".


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Advertising Service System "SCREEN-SYSTEM".

Unified Video Advertising Network "INSCREEN" is:

This platform takes over various industry companies, where everyone organization by using the website or mobile applications quickly and easily, and most importantly remotely in minutes, can be, to place and track video ads running on different-format digital media screens located in various regional locations of the Russian Federation, and later for its chapels.

Fast and easy deployment of video advertising on digital media screens via the platform and its internal functionality, which includes:

 Personal Area within which the rich, but at the same time, a simple system of various placement options roller configured individually by the user;

 Smart Calculator for drawing up the calculation, and if necessary, recalculating, the cost of the placement of air time;  otslezhka Downloading and using a variety of built-in features, the location and skrinshotinga to full statistics of impressions and adjust the air in real time;

 Various payment tied to the personal account, for easy and quick checkout;

 and much more in the functional parameters of the Unified video advertising network.

The purpose of the Unified Video Advertising Network "INSCREEN": Launch of the project will begin with writing a platform of "United video advertising network" needed for the integration and mutual functioning of the entire project structure that allows you to quickly build a streamlined operation of the Advertising Service Systems "SCREEN SYSTEM".

The structure of the project:

1. Unified Video Advertising Network "INSCREEN" - served through the platform, remotely controlled and fully integrated with the multi-format media screens located on the facades of buildings, shopping centers, the roofs of taxis and various other public places;

2. The development of the franchise network "SCREEN" - by one million-city and other regions of Russia, extending one of the few areas of "advertising service systems";

3.Advertising equipment sales center "SCREEN-BOX" - selling multi-format digital media screens, stitched platform associated with the Unified video advertising network. "

Scope of the project: the advertising sector. Video broadcast in the media. PR. Service Applications. Online. Communication systems.

Geography of the project: Russian, with further expansion to the European market.

Location of head office: the city of Moscow

Stage of the project:

1. There is a team of experts on writing platform Unified video advertising network "INSCREEN";

2. assembled a group of developers to create branding, company websites and multichannel promotion network;

3. The contract for the supply of equipment;

4. Set the logistics supply;

5. Ready documents: Description of the project, a business plan, presentation, schedule, loan agreement, terms of partnership, the documents prepared for the opening of company;

6. finalizing the plan for the development of the franchise "SCREEN";

7. The variants of the phased launch, promotion and expansion of the project.

What is your role in the project: Creation, development and promotion of the project with knowledge and complete impact on the result.

The development of the project: Organization and launch of the project.

Monetization Model:

• Tinning and support partners, customers;

• The sale of the franchise by city-regions;

• advertising equipment sales center.

Requested amount of investment: 3.15 million rubles for the preparation of business plans.

What investment is required:

• Writing of the platform;

• the initial purchase of equipment;

• Creation of branding;

• the development of sites in key areas;

• an advertising company and multi-channel promotion of the network;

• packaging franchise;

• Opening LLC, office, communications, payments to employees and performers.

Answers to all your questions, as well as more detailed information, you can get a personal meeting in a cafe with a cup of hot tea / coffee)).

Thank you for your attention, we will be glad to cooperate! Have a nice day and new opportunities!

With respect to you team SCREEN-SYSTEM


Россия, Москва

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: The supplierPayback: 1 year

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