Infrastructure to ensure tours


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Infrastructure to ensure tours

Creating a small infrastructure provides an in tours Kaa-Khem and Tozhinskom hozhunah.

Summary of the project

East and North-East Tuva, is the most promising for the development of several types of eco-tourism. Primarily, this is a variety of travel in uninhabited areas, fixed recreation and trophy fishing without exception. Today's business analysis shows, the direction is in a very primitive state, and does not develop. Root causes - the lack of even the most minimal infrastructure, and critically short season.

Primarily, the lack of transportation facilities. The area is difficult to reach and requires aircraft (helicopter), the price of flying hours of which is today 68.000 rubles. Held now the Russian middle class is able to buy the tour, but not overwhelmingly able to close the 5-7 hours the helicopter. As a result, the loss of up to 90% of the potential client.

Second - the complete absence of civilized bases. Most of the applicants at the beginning of the dialogue, put demands on luxury stay. As the base, and in expediting parts. And again, the loss of up to 50% of those remaining 10%.

And the third. Any tourist project involves large investments idlitelny period of development and implementation, ie, that form of civilized lending, which is completely devoid of small local operators.

In our case, the proposed project is small scale infrastructure, at least partially solve the problem first and second paragraphs. Investment volume - 35.5 million rubles. For up to 7 years. With the mandatory vacation in the first year of development.

For the formation of the attractiveness of the price of tours, planned to acquire a hovercraft (the MRA) "Mars 2000" carrying capacity 2000kg. That would eliminate the helicopter almost half the cases. Eliminates the element depending on weather conditions. Gives seasonal expansion to 6 months (from May 15 to October 15).

Acquisition of one metal on a snowmobile rubber tracks carrying capacity up to 2000kg. and five utility snowmobiles delivery of materials and maintenance of construction sites in the taiga. Snowmobile tours and ice fishing in the spring and fall.

Expansion of seasonality to 9 months (from March 15 to December 15).

Three summer camps in the best possible service under these conditions, filling in Todzhu hozhuune. In the future, the construction of full-scale databases. Expansion of seasonality to 9 months (from March 15 to December 15).

Five year olds in areas fitted r.Kyzyl-Chem providing threaded round the ship SVPs to the influx of "Lower Kadraus" resort area Ush Beldir.

Construction of the base superior year-round for 16 people. (Up to 35 people. In the summer) in the area pos.Sizim (Technical documentation on this subject carried out 60% more in 2006). The site lies within the range of vehicles within the 12 mesyatsev.V contrast to other existing databases that do not work in the offseason, which is reflected in the five months of inactivity.

Revision of the old road leading from the geological Kaa-Khem district in Todzhu. On which, in the presence of this transport can be provided by construction and operation of bases in southern taiga Todzha. Care delivery as clients.

Competition for the claimed land for construction of a base in Kaa-Khem hozhune won the auction 05.07.2010g. All documentation for the remaining sites (8 sites), as prepared for filing for the competition.

Shooting cognitive - a film about the species in Eastern and North Eastern Tuva, the least illuminated reel of film in all the past decades due to inaccessibility. Plan and geography are planned for 2 years.

* * * * * * * *

An important element of the project is a one-off event for the restoration of trout in one particular body of water. Work is underway to legalize it. Completion of the procedure, presumably at the end of this year.

The project has the endorsement of the World Wildlife Fund and Basin Management "Eniseyrybvod."

The project to use ponds, planned and scheduled the following mandatory measures:

Conducting fishing and biological studies.

Contracts with Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk ichthyologists on practical techniques and testing of a one-time carry out works on growing fingerling trout.

The problem is that poorly managed in the late 80s and early 90s fishing activities of plants, has led to almost complete destruction of trout in these lakes as Ak-Khol Attyg, Choygan-Hol-Hol and Oyuktar. Earlier, renowned for the abundance of this species. And, of course, the time factor reduction (compared to the weed), put the remaining stock of trout in the boundary conditions. Eggs and fry, which was released to spawn breeding stock, simply devours the other species. That is, the natural increase in numerical form, has more than a distant prospect. In our case, we plan excerpt fry in the coastal ponds with artificial feeding until freeze-up (November). That gives reasonable assurance to the exit and safety of 20-40% grown young.

Naturally, the use of this result is seen not earlier than seven - ten years. However, if during this period we will create a body of water related infrastructure, the results will provide an opportunity to declare the presence of Tuva first Euro-Asian Centre for guaranteeing the trophy trout fishing - the largest representative of the salmon family.

This program, in the event of a formal framework for the reservoir, financed on a grant basis from a private investor in Ukraine. In the presence of a hovercraft, the stock is estimated at 1.7 million rubles. Without it - up to 4 million

Life of the entire project ----------- 12 months.

The payback period -------------------------------- 4-5 years (conservative estimate).

Visual assessment of the resource is available at http://holidays.rybalka.com

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Сибирь. Республика Тыва.

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Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: Joint ventureBusiness competition: ОтсутствуетAudience: Без ограничений.

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