The information on the site is available both for registered users and guests, but you to register in order to use all the features of the site.

After registering you will see your personal menu at the top of the site.

You cancreate a new project, news, articles or blog by clicking the appropriate button in the menu, such as "My Projects" and then clicking "add project" on the next page.

Try to fill in all the fields, do not forget to attach a picture and to mark the project on the map (if appropriate - for example if you are raising funds for the Internet project, it is not necessary to mark it on the map).

In "my settings" section you can fill in information about yourself and choose what to show to others and what not to show to others (for more details about what personal information we collect and why please refer to Privacy Policy).

Here you can select a section from the catalogue that matches your interests, and subscribe for notifications.

Please note that if you want to be notified - you must first verify your e-mail address and if you have not received a letter with a confirmation code, you can always request a resend on the "My Settings" page, "Notification / Newsletter" tab.

We recommend you to enable our system to send notifications about all events; in this case you will receive the necessary information as quickly as possible.

There are 3 main types of user interaction on the site:
• personal mail;
• comments on the project, news and articles that can be posted by all registered users;
• responses to the projects created by initiators that can be posted only by investors, the answers can be public (visible to everyone) and personal (visible only to the owner of the project and responded investor).

To send a private message, select the user in the catalogue, go to his page and click "send mail".

To view answers and history of your correspondence, you can click on "my mail" in the user menu.

Also, there is a "project responses" link in the user menu clicking on which will enable you to see a list of all projects that got responses. Unread responses will be placed at the top.

The main feature of our site is the ability to increase users' confidence in each other, which is important in the financial sector. This will allow screening “strangers” at the early stages of communication.

There are three types of certificates for this site.

After registration, the user has no certificateCertificate none.

After filling out personal information - the user receives a "formal" certificate - RegularCertificate Regular.

And third, the highest level of trust is accredited to users who upload a copy of an identity document and have a "trusted" certificate - TrustCertificate Trust.

Please, do not forget to leave your comment in case you have any questions or suggestions.