About the project

управление бюджетом

LookInvestment - is a social networking project organized in a way to help you in providing of organizing, presentation, promotion and advertisement of information for your project. There are English and Russian languages available. The platform is aimed at a comfortable, efficient and convenient management and search for projects and startups.

The platform - is bilingual. The platform - is based on bilingual Google technology. We offer for each user to present themselves and their projects in both languages. All translated information is stored physically which improves searching for information about your project in the alternate language.

For Investor - the platform will become a tool for promoting of your services in the investment and finance market regardless the form of your business, be it an individual, a bank or a fund. An investor may make a public or private answer to his project or to correspond to it afterwards becoming an investor of a project.

For the Initiator - it is an opportunity to tell us about your project or a start-up or just an invention idea. The platform tools can introduce information about your project with lots of features and extras. You can attach photos, videos and documents to your projects that will allow users to get more information about them.

Each user has a chance to tell as much as possible about themselves and one's abilities in the market. At the "Personal Information" page one can change personal information and to select it as private or public.

The personal page: it allows you to share about your activity. You can place any kind of information about your activities on your page that will allow a user to become more familiar with you and your opportunities.

If you are an analyst and write articles, reviews, criticism or just interesting news about finances this platform enables you to publish any kind of business information very easily and to communicate among other users.

Offered tools are free so you can use the latest technology achievements for making your business a successful one.

The platform is in beta testing and we are constantly working to improve LookInvestment in order to provide comfortable conditions and environment for you so any opinion of yours is very important to us and we'd love to hear any offers and ideas at support@lookinvestment.com.