What to invest in 2012?

Financial experts from the United States shared with us about best way to invest in the next year.

The global economy instability was prevailing throughout the entire year and investors' attention were back to the basics of the private sector, told to reporters Kertin Nixon - director of investments for the North-Eastern region of the U.S. Northern Trust.

The things are not so bad in the private sector. Corporate profits are stable. Yes the economic growth has slowed significantly over the past few months but the companies profit included in the S & P 500, is still expected to be in excess of the usual 9% by the end of this year – it is evidenced by the S & P Capital IQ studies.

How well do things with quotations of securities at the present moment – well it is quite a complicated question. On the other hand the conservative method of calculating of price / yield (on average data for 10 years) indicates a result that the tools are too expensive to buy them. However the same thing according to the S & P method shows profitability prospects of the decent instruments. "Now in the times of volatility everyone who invests in stock for the payment of dividends receives higher profits in 3 year", - says Sak de Lardmel, Co-Managing Company IVA Worldwide Fund.

21 November 2011
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