Warren Buffett invests in the high-tech sector

Many of you have surely heard through the media means that one of the most well-known investors in the world Warren Buffett has invested heavily in the high-tech sector. Frankly speaking it worth noting that Mr. Buffett has never invested money in this sector. One of his axioms was: "Do not buy shares of those areas in which you know nothing about." Obviously, the smart old man would not just break the rules, therefore, he has figured out really where to invest.

Warren Buffett recently said that since the spring of 2011 began buying shares of IBM, which rose from the beginning of the year by 28% and are the growth leaders among the blue chips in the U.S. stock market. Mr. Buffett explains that the IBM has been chosen because he believes in constant demand of IT-companies for the IBM products. The IBM Company is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world, it was founded in 1911, 100% of the shares are in free float.

Mr. Warrens contribution is estimated in 10.7 billion of dollars or 5.4% of the total number of shares of the IBM. Journalists asked a question about Warren's in the IT-sector, namely, why Buffett didn't choose Microsoft? Mr. Buffett replied as follows: "For me it's a closed issue because of my friendship with B. Gates. I think Microsoft is an exciting company, but I'd buy none of its shares. Otherwise it'd look like Bill has a contract with me." Also for the present day Warren Buffett has said that the company is very difficult in assessing of social networks and other large-scale Internet projects so they are out of his investing interests.

28 November 2011
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19 April 2013
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