Warren Buffett has found a flaw in the euro zone

News of Japan. A famous investor and financier Warren Buffett has told that he has detected a flaw in the eurozone during his visit to Japan and it may be the reason of his intention to invest in the country of the Rising Sun.

According to Mr. Buffett the debt crisis is the cause of the eurozone defect. The investor has noted that this is a really serious problem that can not be done with a few statements.

The "Oracle of Omaha" as it is referred to Mr. Buffett for his success in the investing arena, hasn't disclosed details of the "defect" stating that the debt crisis in Europe may last as long as it lasts and not for one day in fact none can predict the end.

However, there are also positive aspects he says taking into consideration some European assets with positive outlooks and it's not a problem to name at least a dozen companies whose shares are very much attractive.

81-year-old financier, the head of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, has not announced the list of "attractive", not only because his company has acquired the shares of Tesco and is willing to buy more if the price falls.

Mr. Buffett is ready to invest in Japan, despite the impact of the March natural disaster, the Japanese industry and business possess great potential.

Mr. Buffett has not hesitated to visit in Iwaki, which is only 40 kilometers from the Fukushima. The "Barge leader," notes that the enterprise is located in Iwaki Tungaloy Corp, 80th % of the shares of which are being managed by Buffett company.

07 December 2011
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