Retired Governor of Tver Oblast becomes a farmer.

Dmitry Zelenin a former Governor of Tver Region will work in the Russian Managers Association and the Foundation "Good start" as well as in agriculture also, reports "RBC daily" newspaper.

"It is more likely to be a deal of cattle breeding, potato growing and developing of farm establishing of network concerning organic products," - says Mr. Zelenin to the newspaper. According to him, investments in future agricultural projects would reach billions of rubles and annual turnover would be on the level of one billion of rubles. Mr. Zelenin has said that he plans to attract co-investors also, but he intends to retain the business management as an owner.

According to the newspaper farming is gaining popularity among politicians and businessmen nowadays.

For example Alexander Lebedev the owner of National Reserve Bank has created a National Land Company which has invested more than $ 20 million into potato cultivation in the Tula Oblast and Oleg Deripaska the owner of the aluminum holding "Rusal» controls the Krasnodar agricultural holding "Kuban".

Mr. Zelenin resigned from his post as head of the Tver Oblast on his own without explaining of the specific reasons. Decree concerning the termination of his powers was signed by the President on June 16th this year. The media announced later information that resignation of Mr. Zelenin was initiated by the president.

Earlier the former Governor of Tver Oblast had engaged in business. From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Zelenin had worked in the "Norilsk Nickel".

01 August 2011
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