Visa-releases of 80 million cards in Russia.

 Visa said that Russia banks issued about 80 million Visa cards at the end of 2010, and payment volume reached 28.2 billion dollars around the leading payment system has also announced its own intentions for further development of cashless payments in Russia, and shared his plans with respect to investment in the next three years, another 40 millions of dollars of funds that aim to develop such areas as: innovation in products, including mobile payments and money transfer services, expanding the network to make maps and study tours to work with commercial enterprises, the development of payment infrastructures Krasnodar Territory and the Olympic Winter Games in support of Sochi-2014 "as well as financial skills.

Mr. Stephen Parker, CEO of the group: Russia, CIS and South-Eastern Europe, said: "Visa is working in Russia is constantly evolving infrastructure of electronic payments in this market for over twenty years we are proud to celebrate the achievement. A new phase in our history and announced plans to invest $ 40 million market in Russia and the significant investment that we already provide in addition. "

 Visa business in Russia has grown significantly from 1998. Today the team of the Moscow Visa, which has about 100 employees providing support for Russian banks and merchants to expand their business through the most secure payment systems, and provides them with training and operational support, including training seminars, marketing programs, and support for risk management, fraud prevention and innovative technologies.

14 June 2011
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