TsKAD (Central Ring Road, MSK) has attracted financing for construction

The total Central Ring Road investment amount makes 8.863 trillion of rubles and completion date is scheduled on 2025.

Recall that "TsKAD" (Central Ring Road) - is a highway which will take place in the Moscow region, 50 km from Moscow City. It is divided into five launch complexes. The stretch of road will be 521 km long and the traffic estimated speed is to be - 140 km / hour. The Completion date of the project is planned by the end of 2025.

Earlier, Peter Katsyv - the Transport Minister of the Moscow region has said that there is an urge need to find an investor for the construction, because it should help in solving of the transport problem and the Moscow Region and Moscow itself. And Boris Gromov the Moscow region governor has said on Wednesday that the TsKAD construction has begun in the east of the Moscow region.

"This project is one of the most attractive investment projects in the area - say the RIA" Novosti "excerpts during the presentation dedicated to the Moscow region day. The total investment amount makes 8.863 trillion of rubles."

17 October 2011
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