Toll road in Russia will be built on extra-budgetary means.

It is expected to attract about 60 billion of rubles for main section building of the express toll road M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg in the 15-58 km area with joint to Moscow ring road from M1 "Belarus"  (bypass Odintsovo town). It has been announced by Sergei Kostin the chairman of state-owned Avtodor during the international forum of "Transport Infrastructure in Russia is an innovative way of development". He has also mentioned that investment means will arrive in 2011-2013.

Mr. Kostin has recalled that the company intends invest over 1.53 trillion of rubles intro highway construction and reconstruction programs in 2019.515 billion of rubles from this sum are extra budget sources of financing.

"The state-owned company plans to build and reconstruct about 2,298 km of roads during  2010-2019 years." - says Mr.Kostin. It is expected to complete building of high-speed highway Moscow - St. Petersburg (from 15 to 684 km), Balashikha bypass roads, M-4 "Don", M-1 "Belarus", with reconstruction of 143 km of the road M-3 "Ukraine" and run two CRR complexes with 202 km length in accordance with the corrected Avtodor program 2019 under long term conditions.


06 May 2011
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