Klyuev wants provide money for science and technology to attract investments

Andriy Klyuyev the first Vice Prime Minister has instructed the Ministry of Finance to take into account the means directed to scientific and technological developments while preparing the draft budget 2012. It has been said recently on a government meeting.

According to the LigaBusinessInform Klyuyev has said that the investment processes in Ukraine are developing very slowly. One of the reasons he believes in is the passivity of a number of executive agencies, which should stimulate investment process.

Klyuyev has stressed that this problem is especially acute as the global economy for over 20 years operating in the fifth and sixth levels of technology.

"I entrusted the Ministry of Science and Education, Youth and Sports together with the State Agency for Science, Innovation and Information, Ministry of Economy and Development, Ministry of Finance, other interested bodies of central executive authorities, science academies to accelerate its work, focus and resource potential to support scientific and technological developments, to make proposals for their introduction into domestic production. Take this into account when forming the state budget figures, Theodore A. (Yaroshenko, Minister of Finance, - ed.) for 2012, which will ensure the implementation of innovative projects within the program of development of investments and innovation activities in Ukraine ", - has said Mr. Klyuev.

09 September 2011
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