The richest man in the world is to invest into Colombian oil Mexican

\"\"Carlos Slim, who heads the richest people in the world list according to Forbes is interested in investment increasing in Colombia due to the open policy of the country in the sphere of development of oil fields and resource assets.

Mr. Slim intends to continue oil drilling along with oilfield structures development using the Colombian open policy of the oil sector. \"The Colombian government is actively looking forward for the petroleum industry development opportunities and incoming investments - he says in an interview.

\"\"Commodity prices rise on a background of demand increasing because of emerging markets, including China and India. Middle class is growing in these countries and they require more raw materials for infrastructure development and increased production of consumer goods. The dollar fall  also pushes these countries to  investment increasing into raw materials, says Slim.

The Mexican owns the mobile phone company America Movil SAB, the subscribers number in Colombia and Panama by the end of last year reached 29.4 million of people. Investments in the country have grown more than four times over the last decade and made 7 .2 billion of dollars in 2009.

01 June 2011
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