The luckiest player of France will invest his winnings in the economy

The owner of the largest winning in the history of France intends to invest money into the French economy - announces the «Française des Jeux» (FDJ) lottery. A month ago a resident of France of Calvados who asked not to disclose his identity had won more than 162 million of euro (162 256 622) in the "Evromillion" (Euro Millions) lottery.

The «Française des Jeux» lottery reported about this winning only a month later - according to the request of the owner of lucky lottery ticket. He intends to use his win for purchasing of the property as well as for investments in France - says the «Française des Jeux».

The company also explained why it was decided to announce about the winning on October 13th. The number 13 brought the good lucky chance to the French record holder lottery. Its 162 million he won in the 13th draw of the lottery and it happened September 13. 162 million of euro it is an absolute record of the lottery winning in France. Overnight the owner took the 250th place among the richest Frenchmen next to the heads of major corporations of the country. 162 million - this is the price of 4 tons of gold or of two passenger Airbus value.

In the history of the "Evromillion" lottery which is also available in 8 European countries besides France - it is not the biggest win. One couple from Scotland made the record of all times by winning of 185 million of euro in July of this year.

Each member of the "Evromilliona" has one chance in 116 million of matching of all seven numbers during the first set to get the main stake in the lottery.

24 October 2011
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