Steve Jobs the founder of Apple CEO has gone

The founder and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had gone on Wednesday October 5 at the age of 56, according to the official website of the corporation. The last 8 years, Steve Jobs was fighting with a serious illness - the pancreatic cancer.

Steve Jobs was diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer in 2003. This is a deadly disease in most cases. But it was an operable form of cancer and Jobs underwent a successful liver transplantation in 2004. However the disease was receded only for a while.

Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in a modest garage. Then left the company in 1985 because of disagreements with the leadership but at the end of 1996 he came back and in 2000 became its chief executive officer.

Apple has made a real breakthrough in the technology industry in recent years due to the leadership of Steve Jobs. Having developed such unique player devices like the iPod, the iPhone and the tablet PC iPad. Each of the devices has become the object of imitation for others after entering the market.

The Apple brand has reached the top 10.

This is the first time where the Apple Brand has entered the top 10 of the most valuable brands according to the Interbrand agency, which has issued its latest rankings. The ex-Steve Jobs' company has got 8th position from 17th during this year having surpassed such giants as Disney and Nokia. The Brand value is now evaluated in 33,5 billion of dollars (an increase of 58%).

The Apple's stock suffered a serious price collapse in August after the resignation of Steve Jobs CEO but then quotes the company again went up. The value of one security of Apple has exceeded up to 422 dollars in late September breaking all previous records of the company. The Apple capitalization makes more than 345 billion of dollars for the present day.

Marketing and ad professionals have always emphasized the importance of the Apple brand as a pledge of its customers' loyalty. This is due to the Apple Brand which has always helped to attract new customers despite its technological and innovative products manufactured by the company for over 30 years. "Without the brand, Apple would have nothing - once it was said by Mark Hobson the head of Desgrippes Gobe and Associates. - Its brand name has nothing to do with the products. If Apple lost its brand, it would have lost everything."

The brand calculating methodology which is used by the Interbrand consists of three components. First, cost-effectiveness of the company (net earnings) is calculated. Secondly, earned profit by means of a brand, and third, the reliability of a brand, it means its ability to provide income in the future.

06 October 2011
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