Selling the land over the field of coal in Siberia

Sell ??the land area in the Kuzbass with coal reserves.
Explored coal reserves amount to 39 million tons of coal grades T and A.
Categories of exploration - B, C1.

All shares bought back are in the property. There are two mountain geological conclusions
The high-voltage power line is located directly on location.
There are driveways.
Land Area - 153 hectares.
The plot was exposed on the auction, which will facilitate obtaining licenses for subsoil.
Purchase of the site will consist in the replacement of the founders.
Land ready for development by opencast methods.

Once completed, its cost will be cut at least 3 billion rubles., And the annual
net profit - at least 1 billion rubles.

NPV = 9.13 bln. (At a discount rate equal to the rate of the Central Bank refinancing
Russia - 8.25%).
IRR = 66.35%.
Payback period - 2.5 years.

28 January 2012
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