Russian DST invests another $ 400 million in Twitter

Yuri Milner's company has the right to buy 20% of the stake from each 600 employees. According to the All Things Digital, the tender for securities from the Russian DST has been also addressed to the previous investors and the secondary dealers of small fraction of the company.

The 1st half of the investment into Twitter (about $ 400 million) has been spent for the company development when the 2nd half has been oriented towards the microblogging service shareholders. Twitter has been appraised for $ 8.4 billion.

The list of companies that are able to sell their shares: Benchmark Capital, Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital and others. But not for the fact that they would do. Facebook shareholders who had sold their shares at 14.77 dollars per a share 2 years ago turned out to be total losers because the company's value increased by 10 times.

Twitter is growing and developing and optimistic investors do believe in the popularity of social media it's not like another bubble for them but medias don't wish to lose their shares also.

The DST Global is associated with the Russian Mail.ru Group that is a Facebook shareholder, Groupon, Zynga and of other Internet giants.

04 October 2011
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