Russia will put 50 million of euros in the Chernobyl fund

Russia will input 50 million euros in the Chernobyl fund "Shelter" in 2011-2012 and the Nuclear Safety Account. It was announced by Sergey Kiriyenko the head of the "Rosatom" corporation during the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

According to him, the implementation decision was accepted under the contribution terms of "assistance to Ukraine and in effort to make the Chernobyl nuclear power plant environmentally safe and stable."

"The Russian Federation - says Mr. Kiriyenko, - intends to continue voluntary contributions to the technical cooperation fund and also to provide financing to the scientific and technical national program under the IAEA safeguard support 2012-2014. We are to continue financing of the INPRO project until 2015. In general the annual contribution amount will be increased to these funds next year."

As it was reported on April 19th, 2011 during a conference in Kiev that about 550 million of euros had been saved for implementation of the Chernobyl recovery projects.

Major financial contributions made by EBRD - 120 million of euros, the European Commission - EUR 110 million, U.S. - $ 123 million, France - 47 million of euros, Russia - 45 million of euros, Germany - 42.4 million of Euros, UK - 28.5 million of pounds. Ukraine's contribution of 29 million of euros.

These funds will be used primarily for the completion of the "Shelter" project, which costs more than 1 billion of euros.

12 October 2011
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