RUSNANO will invest in the basalt production

The investment agreement has been signed between the RUSNANO and the "Galen" company. This project deals with the production of nanostructured polymer composites based on basalt fiber.

The total project budget will exceed 500 million of rubles, 200 million of which will be invested by the RUSNANO. 2,500-3,000 tons of products (barring for the mining industry, steel frameworks, flexible plug-ins of construction purposes; composite oil pumps; poles for street lights and power lines) are expected to be as the company's output rates by 2016.

Plastic-Basalt reinforcement is not inferior with steel in strength and even quite durable. Composite material based on basalt fiber is not susceptible to corrosion and this is very important factor for constructions in high humidity or salt action (particularly for piers).

Such material is on average 70% lighter than steel, making it easier for transportation and also be helpful for oil production in some cases. Another application of composite materials is good for well-cushioned and shock absorbing purposes of street lighting.

07 November 2011
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