Precious metals: Gold will not drop more than $ 20.

The official spot prices for precious metals on the session results on July 29th in New York changed its directions and made: Gold - 1628.2 $ / ounce (0.62%), silver - $ 40 / ounce (0.43% ), platinum - 1785 USD / ounce (-0.45%), palladium - 833 USD / ounce (0.12%).

"Get out of the market share - the Dow Jones index will rise or fall by 150 - 200 points but the uncertainty will remain the same in any case nevertheless it is approved on time or postponed.

I recommend investing in gold: the yellow metal is being strengthened not only in dollars but in all major currencies.I believe that in case of rapid conclusion the gold adjustment will make not more than 15-20 dollars. Otherwise we may witness another jump"- said Gartman Letter the Gartman Dennis founder on Friday July 29th.

And it happened so. Barack Obama said on Sunday night (July 31st) during a news conference in Washington that the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties had come to a compromise agreement that would avoid defaulting of the U.S. economy. This led to a slight decrease in the price on gold and silver.

Gold futures were on the mark on Monday at 8:00 GMT on - 1617.3 $ / ounce (-0.85%), silver - 39.54 USD / ounce (1.4%), platinum - 1799 $ 3 / oz (0.74%), palladium - 839.95 USD / ounce (+1,4%).

29 August 2011
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