Porsche invests into a research and development center.

The Dr.Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, company Stuttgart has symbolically dropped first dig which means the beginning of works concerning expansion of the research center in Vayzahu.

It will be enhanced by the modern design center, a wind tunnel created by the latest technology and electronic technology center. Porsche invests about 150 million of euros into this project. The construction start ceremony has been attended by high-ranking persons including Vayzaha Ursula Kroytel - the mayor. "The expansion of our technical research center - is a good farseeing investment into the future of Porsche», - says Matthias Mueller, the Porsche AG chairman. The new wind tunnel will allow the Stuttgart manufacturer of sports cars to adopt new technological challenges quite worthy in near future. "Good aerodynamics plays important part in fuel consumption context and dynamic performance increasing. "These both aspects are the main corporate philosophy of the Porsche Intelligent Performance", - comments Wolfgang Hatts, board member of Porsche AG dealing with research works. The new electronic technology center will carry out functions that are scattered among several departments at the present moment. "Our goal is to develop the electrical and hybrid technology in nearby future. We create ideal conditions to achieve this goal with means of the new electronic technology center "- adds Mr. Hatts. Vayzaha officials have accepted the factory extension due to Porsche tax revenue per capita in this region which is one of the highest in Germany.

Porsche is launching a campaign of state increasing in addition to the extension program because the company will hire over 100 engineers in first half of 2011. Another 100 new employees will be added to the 3,400 employees team before the end of 2011. New office buildings and design center are scheduled to be opened in the summer of 2013 and the wind tunnel construction will be completed also in the first half of 2013.

17 August 2011
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