«Polpharma» invests into Kazakh pharmaceutical industry

The largest Polish pharmaceutical concern «Polpharma» is planning to purchase "Himfarm" - Kazakh JSC company - pharmaceuticals manufacturer. It is reported according to the «Puls Biznesu» Polish Information Resource. It is also noted that the signing of an agreement is expected to be on September 20th of this year.

The "Himfarm's" company made 178 million of PLN (56.4 million of dollars) in accordance with the results of 2010, and net profit - 24.6 million of PLN (7.8 million of dollars).

The «Polpharma» will secure access to the tender of medicine procurements in Kazakhstan in case of the deal is accepted with the local manufacturer as well as the sales network developing.

20 October 2011
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