Pat Curran - a collector of six-figured checks invests in his own career

Pat Curran won two Bellator tournaments and managed to get $ 100,000 two times. What is he doing with all this money? Not so much.

Bought a secondhand car. The rest of the money allowed Pat to become a true MMA.

"Now I can focus financially on my comprehensive training and put the time and energy into his training room. This is what I always wanted. That was my goal. It helps me grow as a fighter really."

The first Curran's tournament path ran through tough rows of soldiers as undefeated Mike Ricci, Roger Huerta UFC star and Toby Imada. Then followed a series of tournaments with Luis Palomino, Ronnie Mann, and Marlon Sandro. In both cases Kerranu had to act three times in three months. This task was not easy.

"You should be very careful while planning your fight. Because getting hurt in the qualifying round won't do any good. It is hell hard to continue any fight with serious injuries but you will have to. For example you survived 3-round war with a broken nose or a large incision you would need to understand that you would go out in the next battle.This is the hardest in the tournament format but I really like it in anyway."

For 23-year-old boy he got a status of MMA veteran.Today, he has won 7 of last 8 fights, losing only one fight against the current Bellator champion in the lightweight - Eddie Alvarez. Of course the greatest achievement was the victory over top-end Brazilian Sandro, which catapulted to the top ranks of Curran's world rankings at featherweight. Pat believes that he can beat anyone of the top ten under the equal terms. "I'm sure I can compete with anyone from top-end featherweight, without mentioning about the victory over them. I definitely think I deserve to be in the top 5 or top 10 best fighters in this weight. My goal is to become number one. I will work until I reach this line".

16 November 2011
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