Nicholas "Nibulon" invests $ 50 million into Kherson Oblast.

This was the topic during the meeting between Alexey Vadatursky (a hero of Ukraine) the General Director of "NIBULON" with Nicholas Kostyak the State Administration chairman of Kherson Oblast on July 21, 2011 according to the State Administration press service of the Kherson Oblast.

There were discussed questions dealing with the regional cleaning company, the situation in the agricultural sector and in the "NIBULON" company with realization of its investment projects. The investment project to Kherson it is first of all jobs for construction workers and the residents of coastal areas of the Dnieper. The first phase of the "NIBULON" investment program will include about $ 50 million with realization period in 2011-2012.

Now the "NIBULON" company plans to build elevators in Berislavskiy, Novorontsovskiy districts of the Kherson Oblast. In addition the company "NIBULON" has outlined the prospects for construction plots in other areas of the Oblast.

Alex Vadatursky thanked Nicholas Kostyak for creation of appropriate conditions for realization of the investment and support from the heads of the Berislavskoy and Novovorontsovskoy Oblasts.

26 August 2011
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