New technology to improve oil recovery

Latest technology and equipment for a new kind of oil production.

Technology and equipment - are not analogues in the world. Tested in the wells, obtained excellent results, started production! This is a new word in science, the new methods to increase production.

Developed and tested new technology to improve oil recovery, based on the physical stimulation. This technology is a two-stage perforation of wells and the hydraulic vibrator is subsonic, the descent into the hole on the cable. Synergistic effect on the formation of these methods lead to compensation for loss of reservoir pressure by increasing the power supply circuit well and reduce the oil viscosity at reservoir conditions. These technologies and equipment provided by: 1.Creation gas-hydraulic wedge when the perforation and the creation of long and multiple fractures in low-permeability oil reservoir; 2.vozdeystvie on a layer within a radius of 600m from the perforation interval with a powerful infrasonic hydrovibrator, the descent into the hole on the cable ; technology allows restoring the wells are 2-3 times lower reservoir pressure, reduces the oil viscosity at reservoir conditions; 3.uvelichenie many times mezhochistnogo period of paraffin wells by installing a magnetic device antiparafinovogo new type.

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24 July 2012
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26 December 2012
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18 April 2013
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