MyLED invests into LEDs production in Malaysia

A malaysian manufacturer of the solid-state lighting technology has signed an agreement on business development with several foreign and domestic companies.

The MyLED Opto Technology subsidiary which belongs to the MyLED Group and is engaged in supplying of LED lighting systems, intends to begin production of LED components in January of the next year. It is expected that the MyLED Opto Technology company will produce 150 million of LED components per a month by 2014.

For the present moment the investments of the company are amounted to $ 55 million which are directed to the development of the LED lamps production.

The MyLED has signed a memorandum of understanding with six OEM companies from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. Three of them - Amprex International Sdn Bhd (Japan), Light-Trend Optoelectronics Technology Co. (Taiwan), Osram Opto Semiconductors (Germany) - will supply to the MyLED technology and cooperate in research and development.

Based on the Amprex and Light-Trend technology the company has begun manufacturing of Osram solid-state LED lamps which are intended for public places lighting. The Products of this company has proved itself as good quality equipment which confirms the high demand for the Japanese market.

Jetson Lei (Jetson Lai) – the MyLED president expects that his company manage to reduce prices by 50% as the first LEDs manufacturer in Malaysia in order to compete with Chinese manufacturers in the Chinese and global markets. In this case Mr. Lei argues that MyLED will supply the LED lights of German quality with 5 years guarantee period.

05 December 2011
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