Capital movement: EM extracted $ 68.2 million from Russian funds.

On July 13th the funds investing into emerging markets recorded a moderate outflow of funds - 68.2 million of dollars. $ 50 million were outflowed from the actively managed funds and ETF country funds and $ 18.1 million were outflowed from the "Uralsib Capital".

The main outflow contribution from the EMEA funds was made by Russia because total withdrawn was about 77 million of dollars. Investors withdrew means mainly from regional and country funds of emerging markets except global funds which recorded a pure net inflow of $ 1 billion of dollars against 745 million of dollars on July 6th.

The most preferable fund among international investors is the Asian funds. Its net inflow of $ 62 million - was nothing compared to the 634 million of dollars on July 6th.

"Uralsib Capital" analysts believe that you should not wait for dynamic actions from investors until late summer. The data based upon the capital flows suggest that investors experience no decided preferences in emerging markets because none of them tries to increase or reduce positions in the assets of this category. A similar attitude seems to persist until the prevailed uncertainty of the emerging markets depending under the world situation is changed with a clearer picture of trends. Experts believe that if we are able to avoid a new menace of global crisis then the Russian and EMEA funds will be popular again among foreign investors and as a result it will lead to quotation rises of Russian shares by the end of 2011.

08 August 2011
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