Moscow authorities dissolve investment contracts with "Inteko".

Moscow authorities have begun to cancel contracts with "Inteko" company (owning by the ex mayor's wife - Helen Baturina) concerning houses building. The first victims have become four houses in the east of Moscow - corresponding documents are signed by Sergei Sobyanin the city Mayor.

According to the documents occur stop implementation of the following investment projects located on: Federativnyj prospect 14/1, 14/12 and also Metallurgov Street 60A, 60/9, bld 10.

The decision has been taken due to "the low possibility of further investment project implementation because of legal relation lack". The investment contracts will be terminated by agreement of the parties or with the help of courts. Investment contracts of Inteko company dates back in 2004 but completion dates are continuously postponed.

Let's remind that war clouds are already gathering around the development business of E. Baturina (having reached prosperity age for 18 years of her husband's activity) due to her husband's post loss. Soon after the change of Moscow mayor's post the prosecutor's office, the Chamber and other authorities have began to examine all the company's traces. Many questions arise about legality of bank credits. Investigators are interesting in unsecured 12.7 billion of rubles loan for purchasing of 58 hectares in the west of Moscow. The loan has been moved subsequently into accounts of Inteko that has allowed the company to pay off loans and survive the crisis and fall of prices comfortably.

10 May 2011
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