McDonald's will invest into biofuel production.

"Why not to try to set up production of biofuel which is based on vegetable oil?" Some McDonalds's intelligent heads have been thinking about it a long time.

The idea has been picked up recently. McDonald's in cooperation with "Neutral Fuels" firm have established a factory for biodiesel production. It is already known that the new company is located in the United Arab Emirates. This is the first plant In the Persian Gulf, which has a license for biofuel production.

Rather unusual raw materials range for bio-fuel production - main ingredient is vegetable oil which is widely used in McDonald's fast food restaurants.

According to Karl Feidera from Neutral Fuels, a new venture will be able to produce about 1 million liters of biofuel every year. And thanks to this plant there will be no more need in import of diesel.

McDonald's has promised to put on biodiesel all its trucks used for delivery of products. The founders of the new program comment nothing about the cost.

08 July 2011
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