JCB is investing money into new generation engines

The British company JCB has announced plans concerning investing of £ 31 million in a project connected with new generation engines development.

The Regional Fund Development of the UK government has allocated JCB £ 4,5 million for program implementation. The research and development of new generation engines will be held at the JCB factories in Fostone and Derbyshire.

It is assumed that the new engines production will begin in 2016. They will be installed on the machine as a JCB and the equipment of other vendors.

Alan Blake the JCB Executive Director says: "Since we have started production in 2004, JCB engines have been leading the market for clean emissions, fuel economy and efficiency. The news that we intend to invest £ 31 million in the development of new engines is an important step on the path to success, and requires us to maximize efforts to raise the efficiency, productivity and ecology of our engines to a new level."

The JCB company has been running Dieselmax engine since 2004. Today, more than 70% of the range of the company is working on their own engines. The company has released recently a 4.4 - liter engine – the Ecomax T4, which works without the need for subsequent treatment of exhaust gases and meets the environmental standards.

06 February 2012
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