Investments for business

1) We will render financial assistance and loans at favorable conditions and with long-term maturity investments (long-term money) to implement business projects under the bank guarantee (BG).

- The volume of investment of 50 million EURO;

- Terms of use of ten (10) years;

- Credit rate on the body 1.5-2% loan with deferred payment for three years including the grace period of the loan.

- Release of all payments for three years, including the body of the loan.


2) Terms of the export-import credit:


- The minimum amount of U.S. $ 10,000,000.00;

- Up to 7 years with a possible extension to 3 years;

- The interest rate from 3.85% to 7% per year (individually negotiated depending on the project);

- The project is funded in the amount of 85% of the total project, this amount may be included 30% of the local costs associated with the construction and launch of production.

- Customer pays 15% of their own or borrowed funds.


Help develop a business plan (investment project) and writing feasibility study (FS) by the standards of UNIDO under the investor.  



23 January 2014
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