Investments into vkontakte applications

A new opportunity of earning has appeared for many investors and flash-application developers in accordance with the growing popularity of the vkontakte site. The point is that an investor or an independent developer creates a flash application and upload it on the site. If a number of application users exceeds over 500 thousand than an owner receives revenue from targeted ads of this site. VKontakte owners give about half of their income to ad applications. It is about 3.2 RUR for one vote. Application owners are also able to receive money for providing of vip-service applications. For example many of them sell virtual coins, items, vehicles and much more.

The most popular applications that are in the top 20 receive a monthly income of 500 000 - 10 million RUR. So the Happy Farmer game brought a monthly income to its owner of about 9 million RUR during the game's peak.

However an independent investor should have a lot of money in order to promote an application. For example simple card applications are about 100-200 thousand RUR. An average complexity application would cost 500 thousand RUR. But if you want to order a virtual world then be prepared to pay between 1 and 1.5 million RUR.

Among other things an application needs to be thoroughly promoted. So as it has been mentioned above it requires at least half a million of application users in order to receive money from paid advertisement. So before you invest money into VK applications you should think very carefully about it!

07 September 2011
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