Intel invests 45 million of dollars in India this year.

The market of India becomes more and more attractive to foreign investors. For example

there were 99 large business agreements with various Indian companies in 2009 for total sum of  356 million of dollars and 92 in 2010 but with $449 million profit according to Wall Street Journal.

Intel intends to continue venture capital investments into the Indian market this year besides the market gets more and more competitive. This year investment sum make 45 million of dollars and some transactions are already being executed. This sum is not huge enough but this is the largest Intel investment outside of the USA.

Intel has created the India Technology fund in 2005 and has spent 65 % of the allocated resources for target needs for the last years. The Indian investments have already 230 million of dollars. There are about 70 investment projects in the portfolio of Intel including cooperation with program developers of July Systems smart phones and Persistent Systems software developer who also acts as a telecommunication supplier of Tejas Network infrastructure.

12 April 2011
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