Intel Capital announces about multi-million dollar investments into Russian companies.

Intel Capital global fund has announced today about intentions to invest into two Russian companies. This step confirms the Intel intentions to support technological innovation in Russia.

Intel Capital invests into AlterGeo - a social network based on user's location determining.

AlterGeo service intends to direct received funds on user base expanding and new services developing. This segment is one of the fastest growing in the world.

Intel Capital has signed a financing agreement with Sapato.ru according to it. Sapato.ru is one of the leading Russian e-retailer, specializing in shoes selling. This is the first multi brand online store in the country offering 5700 models of shoes ranging from 200 leading manufacturers.

Intel Capital announcement solution on the completion of this transaction marks the first investment of the fund in the electronic commerce sector of Russia. Sapato plans to use the received means for business expansion: expanding of marketing activities and operations.

Intel Capital is the global investment fund belonging to Intel corporation which invests in innovative companies and startups worldwide. Intel Capital provides financial support a wide range of organizations offering hardware and software solutions and services for large enterprises, home, mobile, healthcare, custom Internet, semiconductor manufacturing, development of "green" technologies.

Intel Capital has overcome its investments over 10 billion of dollars since 1991 in more than 1,140 companies from 49 countries worldwide.

10 June 2011
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22 February 2012
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