Tallinn invests over 4.5 million euros in kindergartens in 2012

The City administration of Tallinn has decided to forward a municipal budget draft for 2012 to the City Council which will provide the investment of nearly 20% greater amounts than today. About 4.5 million of euros are planned only for investments into Kindergartens.

It is allocated about 95.5 million of euros for all project investments, it is 19.8% more than the current amount, according to the Raepress. The total increase of the funding for the costs makes 6.5 million of euros for the operation and investment in the basic education.

The Mayor of Tallinn - Edgar Savisaar says that the increase in allocations is noted in almost all sectors. But it is particularly noticeable in two - the reconstruction and repair of roads with streets and kindergartens. The Investing in driveways will increase from one million to 2.5 million of euros. The total amount allocated for roads and streets, will increase by almost 10 million of euros and will reach 67 million of euros.

The total volume of the municipal budget is defined in the project to 474 million of euros and this sum is 4 million or 0.9% higher than today. And according to the mayor, - "Despite the fact that there will be income from the land tax under the shelter and the sales tax." Only the tax loss of revenue from the latter means the failure in obtaining of 16 million of euros to the city.

It is planned to open 16 new groups at kindergartens and complete the reconstruction of two kindergartens in the near future. New 25 buses will join the line also. The children's sports is planned to be provided with financing. Will be built three family-style cottages for children's home and the fifth center of the social charity. It is also planned the community reconstruction on Academy street and baths with outdoor on Rauan street.

2.4 million of euros will be invested in the "generator of culture". The Environmental Education Centre of Tallinn Zoo is planned for the reconstruction and Lasnamäe sports center too. The development of the sports center in Pirita is not given up.

30 November 2011
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