Hungary Invests in Ukraine 1 billion of euros

The Minister of National Development Republic of Hungary Tamas Felleggi has told that Hungary is ready to invest about 1 billion of euros in the Ukrainian joint projects during the business forum in Odessa.

He has noted that the strategic partnership with countries of Eastern Europe is now the top priority for the Republic of Hungary. The main directions of cooperation between our two countries will lie in a program of the information technology, infrastructure, and agriculture. It is worth noting that in 2011 the trade turnover of Ukraine and Hungary increased by 35% compared to the last year.

At the same time the Ukrainian export to Hungary will rise by 64% immediately. Since Ukraine is actively selling the Hungarians energy minerals, machinery, agricultural products. The Business co-operation should help both countries to strengthen their position in the global market. Ukraine and Hungary plan to increase the turnover in the next year to 4.5 billion U.S. of dollars

16 December 2011
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