Google invests 168 million of dollars in solar power.

Building of a new power station complex has started in California (USA) autumn 2010, which is one of the largest in the world. BrightSource Energy leads the building process of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS). Famous Internet corporation Google has announced its intention to support the project on past Monday. ISEGS will consist of three blocks which working principle is based on turbine rotating by means of water vapor. There is a tower with water filled reservoirs in the center of the construction along numerous heliostats (mirrors with area of some square meters) placed around. 

Heliostats are connected to the general positioning system thanks to which reflected sun rays are directed on water reservoir at any moment of a day. Such a construction allows to heat water up to several hundreds degrees of Celsius temperature.Google intends to invest 168 million of dollars into development of ISEGS project. It is expected that the building of all stations will come to an end in 2013; thus allowing this complex to generate up to 392 megawatt of "pure" energy. It will increase volume of the "solar" electric power in twice according to the energy that is being produced in the USA.Google notes that investments into the ISEGS project are the greatest capital investments of the company for today. Total investment sum for "pure" power development makes already 250 million of dollars. See more.

14 April 2011
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