The Housing Fund has earned 6.7 billion of rubles on securities.

A State Corporation Fund which assists to the Public utilities reform program (The Public Utility Fund) has completed a program of temporary investment means into securities. The net income has made 6.7 billion of rubles according to the press-service.

Temporary free means were transferred to the trust management of 10 companies which invested them into bonds of Russian issuers in accordance with the fund statistics since July 2008.

The total turnover of security transactions of 2008-2011 has made 119.8 billion of rubles approximately. The operating companies have committed more than 4,000 exchange transactions. All obtained benefit has been directed to increasing of the funding limits of the regional programs.

The fund decided to withdraw means from securities in period of November-December 2008 provide funding for the regional programs and overhaul of dilapidated housing resettlement.

The trust management withdrew 1.81 billion of rubles in 2008, 36.31 billion of rubles in 2009,

21.60 million of rubles in 2010 and 1.74 billion of rubles in 2011.

The Housing Fund established in 2007 under a shared basis with the regions finance complete overhaul of apartment buildings and moving people out of the housing stock. Regions that receive funds must meet certain requirements. The corporation has assigned 257 billion of rubles (regions has added 59 billion of rubles) to the subjects on April 18th, 2011. The Fund will be operating until January 1st, 2013.

The Fund has an ability to place temporarily available funds on deposits of the Russian banks, as well as to transfer funds to trusted management. Dmitry Kozak - the Prime Minister announced that the state corporation had earned 25 billion of rubles on bank deposits on September 2010.

10 August 2011
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