Enel invests 850-900 million of euro in Russian projects during 2011-2015

"The Enel an Italian power concern is investing 850-900 million of euro into development of its own capacities of Russian regions during 2011-2015", - says Karlo Tamburi the executive vice-president of the company in a press conference on Monday.

"Partially this program includes input of two new steam-gas plants 410 to the Nevinnomyssk and Sredneuralsky state district power stations", – adds Mr. Tamburi.

The new blocks have been started on July 15th and 25th. Vladimir Putin the prime minister of the Russian Federation has taken part in the starting ceremony of these blocks with capacity of 410 megawatt (SGP-410) at the Sredneuralsky state district power station. The station has costed 250 million euro by the way there's a scheduled reconstruction of the 5th power unit.

According to Mr. Tamburi the Enel will realize some more less expensive investment projects in Sverdlovsk area and other regions of the Russian Federation.

The total amount of capital investments of the Enel in Russia during 2007-2010 has made about 180 billion of roubles (including direct – about 120 billion of roubles). The company informed earlier about plans to invest 90 billion of roubles in the Russian Federation projects till 2014.

The Enel owns "Enel OGK-5" Open Society.

The Italian corporation also cooperates with Russia in sphere of deliveries of gas to the Western Europe and participates in development of gas condensate deposits of Northwest Siberia.

21 September 2011
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