Donald Tramp invests 250 million of dollars in infrastructure of Georgia.

Donald Tramp invests 250 million of dollars in housing estates and hotel building in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi and seaside city of Batumi in Adzharia under the concluded contract between Donald Tramp's company and Silk Road Group - announces the press-service of President Administration of Georgia on Friday, April 1st.

The agreement has been signed during president of Georgia visit to the USA. Michael's Saakashvili visit to the USA began with Tramp's meeting.

"Investments of the American billionaire into building project will be input at a sum of 250 million of dollars at first stage. Though the company management plans to increase investments of this sector. There will be commercial areas and casino among hotels and inhabited apartments after completion of the project.", - informs the President Administration.

The New York Times newspaper has informed on Thursday that Tramp has signed the building contract of two highest buildings in Georgia, but other details of the contract hasn't discovered.


07 April 2011
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