Dniproenergo invests into development

The total investment budget of the Dniproenergo has exceeded $ 300 million in 2011. This has been announced by Alexander Fomenko the General Director of "Dniproenergo" PJSC. "The investment budget has made almost 282 million UAH since the beginning of 2011. The National Energy Regulatory Agency has revised our plans for the past year in June of this year and increased its investment up to 20 million 500 thousand UAH." - adds Mr. Fomenko.

"This is serious money they are comparable with such volumes like investments into energy sector of such countries as Belgium for example. Of course Dniproenergo is one of the leaders in Europe for investment into energy development direction", - emphasizes Mr. Fomenko.

The general director has also said that an unusual but necessary decision has been occurred for the energy company to establish its own design office in September of 2010. The office has implemented 122 projects of design and survey works in the first half of the year.

"The office experts are working on a project which is quite worthy of social importance for the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast - it is a developed project dealing with old bare wires which will be replaced by self-bearing insulated cables and overhead lines for transmission of 0.4-10 kV which go through school and kindergarten territories as well as other places of large concentration of people"- says Mr. Fomenko.

"There is also an automated system of electricity accounting integrated by the Dniproenergo for energy purchasing in the wholesale market of Ukraine. We are continuing to integrate this system for the population and planning to connect up to subscribers every year," - adds the chief executive officer.

The Dniproenergo Company was founded in 1995 to improve the Ukrainian energy sector. The company serves the region for almost of 32 thousand square km with total length transmission lines of 55.4 thousand km.

The enterprise includes high-voltage electrical networks of the Dnepropetrovsk the city electro network and 21 RES.

The company has got the largest production output in Ukraine - the total transmission is 20% of the total consumption in the country - more than 23 billion of kilowatt / hour.

03 October 2011
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