China is ready to invest in the Serbian economy

China is ready to invest nearly $ 2 billion in the Serbian economy in the next few years.

It has been announced by Vuk Jeremic the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia during the official meeting in Hong Kong.

"I am extremely pleased with today's appointments and projects that we have discussed recently may be started very quickly, literally at the end of this month," - says the Minister. He has also said that Chinese businessmen are interested in investing in the energy sector and the textile industry of Serbia. "One of the companies has expressed an intention to move a significant portion of its production to Serbia which is directed to the European market - says Vuk Jeremic. - Other projects include investments in the high technology sphere relating with energy. "

The Foreign Minister has said that the Chinese delegation will arrive in Belgrade next week to discuss cooperation terms and prepare a text of a memorandum of understanding.

Previously there were discussions about intentions to provide a Chinese loan to Serbia in amount of one billion of euros for the construction of a thermo-power station "Nikola Tesla" in Obrenovac. In addition to this the Chinese entrepreneurs are going to invest 300 million of euros into the building of a solar power station in the southern Serbia. Also the Chinese businessmen have invested in the reconstruction of a mining complex in Kostoltsu and construction of the cargo port in Danube.

21 October 2011
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