Bridgewater Associates will create the largest hedge fund in the world.

The world's largest investment company "Bridgewater Associates" intends to run a new hedge fund with $10 billion capital in the near future. It is a record-breaking amount according to The Wall Street Journal.

The new fund will be named the Pure Alpha Major Markets. It is expected that the fund would be aimed to work with stock markets of major developed countries for example Germany and the United Kingdom.

Only active investors of the Bridgewater may be participants yet. "However starting such a large-scale fund suggests restoring of the investment business after the 2008 crisis", - admits the publication

Bridgewater Associates was founded in 1975 by businessman Ray Dalio. The company focuses mainly on macro-economic investment (for example, in gold and treasury bonds) and manages assets valued at more than one hundred billion dollars at the present day.

 The Bridgewater headquarters on the photo

27 July 2011
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