"AvtoVAZ" will release new 7 cars during next 3 years.

Volzhskiy car factory will release new 7 cars until the end of 2013. Igor Komarov the "AvtoVAZ" president has told about it to the "Vedomosti" newspaper.

The following models that will be produced in the near future are: Lada Granta (a budget model, fall 2011), R90 wagon, F90 commercial vehicle based upon sedan Renault Logan (first half of 2012). Nissan production will run in the third quarter of next year in the "AvtoVAZ" which will get "Logan" base.

Renault and Nissan models based on "Grants" base will be run in 2013 together with Lada B-Class cars based on custom "AvtoVAZ" design. All these 7 cars will be produced at the car factory on a full cycle including welding and painting of bodies.

"AvtoVAZ" intends to invest about 25-27 billion of rubles annually into production during 2011-2013 years in order to carry out this plan. Previously the Volga car factory had planned to spend 68 billion of rubles for three years but the board of directors of the company decided to adjust the amount.

"AvtoVAZ" intends to increase capacity of the Togliatti car factory up to 900 000 cars per a year (using 3 shifts) by 2020. Together with the Izhevsk car factory which will be consumed by the "AvtoVAZ" by the end of 2011. It will allow the company to increase its production rates up to 1.5 million of vehicles per a year by 2020. As it was reported previously Nissan and Renault assembling were about to start at the "IzhAvto" in July 2011.

The Volga car factory plans to realize 559 000 cars in 2011 which is 8% above the last year's results.

22 August 2011
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