Company «ANHAM» invests 100 million of dollars into food processing plants

The «ANHAM» an Arab-American company plans to open one of the largest food-processing factories in Afghanistan as well as to provide a lot of working places at the same time. According to the Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) the company will invest 100 million of dollars into construction of food processing factories and logistic center which will cover more than 5000 hectares. This factory will be specialized on agricultural products processing from Afghanistan and neighboring countries. The company will also help Afghanistan in searching of international markets for finished product realization, adds the "Tolo" a TV channel.

This is the second largest foreign investment project in Afghanistan after the multimillion-dollar contract with the "Aynak" a Chinese iron and steel corporation specializing in development of copper deposits of Logar province.

"This plant will be output packed production in accordance with the international standards", - says Nurulla Delaware the AISA director.

The «ANHAM» сcompany was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs from the USA and Saudi Arabia. It works in South and Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The company also is a supplier of products for international troops in Afghanistan.

The High Investment Commission has said that the area will be provided for construction in the near future. Under the construction plan it should take nine months, according to television channel "Lemar".

16 September 2011
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